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In CATAN: Cities & Knights you engage in the defense of CATAN and compete to build the three great metropolises of CATAN. Each of these magnificent urban centers is even more valuable than a city. They're also immune to the dangerous barbarians.

Invest in city improvements, which you acquire using three commodities of trade: coin, paper, and cloth. If you improve your culture, muster your knights, and enrich your fine cities, you will be the master of the great realm of CATAN

  12+ years
  3-4 players
  60 - 120 min.


  • Dark clouds gather over the once peaceful landscape. Wild barbarians, lured by CATAN's wealth and power, maneuver to attack. Their massive warships loom against the bright orange horizon.

    You must be strong!

    Barbarians attack the weakest targets, and the victim of their onslaught will be the player who contributes the least to the defense of CATAN.

    Don't take any chances! Field your knights!


You can combine Cities & Knights with these expansions and scenarios.

  • Combination with the Seafarers Expansion

    You can use the possibilities of the Seafarers expansion together with Cities & Knights. In our experience, scenarios such as Heading To New Shores and Through the Desert are suitable. The exploratory scenarios and all other scenarios with many smaller islands are unsuitable.

  • Combination with the Explorers & Pirates Expansion

    In Explorers & Pirates, building cities is not allowed; you build harbor settlements instead. This makes sense when playing Explorers & Pirates independently of other expansions, because its strategic emphasis is on exploration and transporting commodities, crews, and settlers.

    In Cities & Knights, the strategic emphasis is on city expansion and city defense.

    Theoretically, it is possible to combine the two expansions and thus create a game that provides an even larger variety of strategies and possibilities to win.

    If you want to combine these two expansions, you should be aware that the resulting game is rather complex and perhaps even a bit confusing. However, a group of players who know both expansions well may definitely give it a try. At least for the first attempt, scenario 4 with its Fish for Catan and Spice for Catan missions should be used


You can settle Catan and use knights to defend your cities against barbarians with up to 6 players.

Please note: You will need the Catan base game, the Cities & Knights expansion, and both the Catan base game 5-6 players extension and this Cities & Knights 5-6 players extension – a total of four game boxes.

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We have collected important questions and answers about the Cities & Knights game. Just follow the link.

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