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After befriending the many alien civilizations across the galaxy, you must prove you are worthy enough to be a member of the Galactic Council

The council gives you three missions:

• Stop the notorious pirate leader Hog-Kahm from raiding planets in the sector.
• Save your sector from giant ship-eating space amoebas.
• Find a lost group of ancient people and study their technology.

Accept the missions. Build your legacy.

  12+ years
  3-4 players
  120 - 150 min.


  • CATAN – Starfarers – New Encounters adds three exciting new scenarios with unique rules to CATAN - Starfarers for an even more epic race to explore the galaxy. Explore the amoebas, defeat the elusive pirate Hog Kahm, and find the long forgotten lost people for your chance to join the Council.👽

    • Discover a lost civilization
    • Defeat a galactic threat
    • Encounter mysterious new lifeforms

    In addition to new and exciting stories, this scenario adds new plastic pieces with space amoebas and pirate capsules, a new lost-people sector, game boards and tokens that bring the scenarios to life in epic sci-fi fashion.