Helpers of Catan FAQ's

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After I have received Marianne, may I use her immediately on an opponent's next turn?

Yes, you may use Marianne immediately on the next turn.

Has this variant been published in English language?

This scenario was released in August 2013 by Mayfair Games.

How do I get rid of Marianne if I receive a resource for any number that can be rolled?

You only get rid of Marianne if one of your numbers is blocked by the robber when it is rolled, so that you receive a resource via Marianne.

If I keep a helper card after having used it for the first time, may I exchange it before using it a second time?

No. If you decided to keep the helper card after using it for the first time, you can't change your mind afterwards. After you have used the card a second time, you must exchange it.

If I use Candamir to choose a victory point development card, may I immediately reveal the card if it allows me to win the game?

It is irrelevant whether you obtain your final victory point via Candamir or via the normal procedure. If you have the victory points required to win the game, you reveal all your victory point cards - including the one you just received.

If I use Nassir, and none of my opponents has the resource I want, may I keep the card?


If Lin lures the robber into the desert, do I receive one resource even though I don't have a settlement or city adjacent to the terrain hex the robber occupied before?

It doesn't matter whether or not you or other players have a settlement or city adjacent to that terrain hex. You receive the resource because the robber runs off to the desert to spend some quality time with Lin until the next "7" is rolled.

Is Louis allowed to remove a road if the result is a settlement without road?


When using Vincent, do I have to discard a Knight card I already have played or a Knight card from my hand?

You must discard a knight card you have already played. As a result, you may lose the Largest Army.